An Interview with Holo Builder Jun, Earth 2

We celebrate the opening of the holo building and holo blueprint market on Earth 2 with a special guest, Jun. Probably one of the best known E2 holobuilders, with work featured in many E2 related holobuilding new articles, images and videos.
In this interview with cover Jun’s thoughts on the launch of holo trading, what features he would like to see added, future utility he can see for holobuildings, his goals for E2 revenues and much much more.

Questions asked:

1: So first of all, what did you think of the holomarket launch? Give us your thoughts and feelings on how it’s going so far.

2: What’s your opinion on holobuilding being the first truly free to play and play to earn elements in E2 which doesn’t require land to partake. 

3: So how did you first get into holobuilding and what are your future plans or aspirations in regards to it?

4: There’s been a little bit of controversy about the way you build in the E2 socials, what’s the story behind that? 

5: What sort of future utility would you like to see added to holobuildings?

6: What do you think will be the biggest hurdle Earth 2 will face going forward?

7: If you could go back to when you first joined Earth 2, knowing what you know now. Would you still join?

8: If you could give just one bit of advice to new players just starting in Earth 2, what would it be?

9: Do you see yourself still being an Earth 2 player in the future? What’s your long term goals for E2?

Community Questions:


How many holobuildings have you made?


The human form of HB is impressive. Can you tell me in detail how you came to make this and how you’re working on it?

Daniel Jackson: (Stargate SG1)

Did you use tools to upload some of his stuff or did you really do all his stuff in this buggy tool 🙂


Is it possible to make one with clothes on?


Overall tips for building HB would be great, any outside softwares we can practise on or import with? 


Do you think that if other means of payment were used for holobuilng (such as essence) the market would correct itself so that more elaborate designs would really be valued?


You are spending all of you time on hbs and rely on them to generate you an income from E2. What were your plans BEFORE we even knew about them? If hbs dont work out the way you would like to, do you have a “back up” plan?


Apart from its storage utility and its artistic value, do you think holobuildings will have other uses? And if yes which ones?

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