Holobuilding Market, New Earth 2 Feature.

So the holobluprints have finally hit the marketplace. At least on stage 2 anyway. But as we all know, when things drop onto stage 2 it’s usually not long before they’re on the main site too.

It is a little bit of a pain to get to, you have to come down into resources and then click on holoblueprints rather than there being an easy access button on the menu.

For buyers you will instantly see the options and holobildings and blueprints for sale, there’s some nice filters too. Obviously they don’t have much use now as there’s only a few items for sale but they certainly will when the amazing holobuilng creators list the 100’s or 1000’s of creations they’ve made over the last few months.

It looks like sellers will be able to offer just the holobilding or the actual blueprint.

When purchasing a holobuilding, buyers get one building per purchase. They can get multiple purchases. They can place this on their properties. They cannot edit or re-sell this building.

When purchasing the blueprint, Buyers are able to edit this blueprint and can place as many buildings to their properties as they want.

The purchase screens do come with a few disclaimers to cover Earth 2’s back:

“Earth 2 takes no responsibility towards purchases being compatible with your properties. Please ensure compatibility by checking the information provided on this card as purchases are final and cannot be undone.
Blueprint designs, HoloBuildings and properties that hold them can be reported by other players if the design is inappropriate, offensive, violates the licence agreement or applicable law. Reported Blueprints and HoloBuildings will be reviewed by our team and may be removed.
Purchased HoloBuildings can be placed on your properties once per purchase. They cannot be edited or sold.
If the creator changes their Blueprint design, this item won’t be affected.”

So yeah, hopefully it won’t be too long before this is pushed to live. Will you guys be buying, selling, both, neither? Let me know in the comments below.

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