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Crypto Payments come to Earth 2

So, Crypto Payments are coming to Earth 2. On the Earth 2 test site users have found a third party solution implemented giving users an additional option of buying new land with crypto, the option when clicked opens a popup from a company called Rocketfuel On their popup they state: …

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Country and Mentar Countdowns and more in new Earth 2 Article

So Earth 2 have just published a new article covering 2 new countdowns for Mentars, Country releases and player resource validation. Here Igo through that article. “Weekly Countdowns Begin This Weekend With Mentar Giveaways And New Country Releases!” “After recently achieving an incredible milestone of 100 million tiles sold, Earth …

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Resource Validation Explained

So resource validation has gone live on stage 2, please bare in mind that stage 2 is the test site where some features go before being pushed live to test and get user feedback, so this could still change prior to launch. However I’m going to take you through the …

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Breaking: RGA Singapore Partners with Earth 2

Earth 2 and RG/A Singapore have partnered. RG/A are going to focus on brining a more user friendly and human side to the Earth 2 platform. Original article: https://campaignbriefasia.com/2022/04/29/r-ga-singapore-announces-strategic- RGA website: https://www.rga.com/about

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Earth 2 Roundup from the last few days.

Well, what a few days it’s been eh. Let’s take a look at all the new stuff we’ve seen, what’s been mentioned and clues we’ve picked up. Now this will look across several sources from the challenge response video to Shanes candid video, discord and even youtube live chat on …

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Bidding Hub – New Earth 2 Feature

bidding hub thumbnail

So today we’ve seen a long awaited and much anticipated update, although it hasn’t come without issues. Reading from the Earth 2 website: “Bidding Hub has been added as a new feature. The Bidding Hub is accessible through the profile navigation dropdown menu and allows you to  manage your bids. …

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Breaking Down Shane’s Video

Shanes Video Breakdown Thumbnail

So today Shane dropped a video “Earth 2 Founder’s Candid Thoughts on Part of the Journey so Far”. I’m just going to go over that, pick out some points I find interesting and give my opinions on those. So let’s get into it. Shane reiratates it’s all about the players, …

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