Earth 2 Essence Conversion Explained

So I’ve been seeing a lot of people comparing conversion rates of essence recently and being concerned over what they think are low rates compared to others.

I’m just going to look that over and give a few reasons as to why your conversion rates could be lower or higher than that of fellow players.

So the first thing I need to say is, E-ther to essence isn’t and shouldn’t be a 1 to 1 conversion.

But now let’s take a look into what’s going on.

Right, you want to think of Essence as 2 separate pools.

Pool 1 being your promised essence or EDC, which is limited by the amount of promised essence you have across all your properties.

The second pool being what I call your organic essence, you can think of this pool as having a hosepipe in, still filling in. But one where E2 can adjust the flow if required.

If you own tier 1 land with promised essence on it, each day you will have a chance of claiming some from that promised pool and if you do, the pool gets drained a little.

Now if you own tier 1 or tier 2 land you’re also going to be claiming from the second pool, the organic essence pool, but this claim is addition to pool 1, not instead of. The only time you would ever be draining from 1 pool at a time, is if one of your pools are empty to begin with.

So…. those players with large promised essence pools are naturally going to collect more from that first pool. They will then also go on to claim their organic essence from pool 2. Giving them a bigger collection overall.

Now for conversion rates, promised essence and that of tier 1 land has a much higher conversion rate than that of tier 2 land.

E2 Economist took a much deeper look at those than I’m willing to and here you can see their findings.

So here you can see that tier 1 land from the organic pool has a little over 3x the conversion rate of tier 2 land.
But also that edc or promised essence has over 3x that of the organic tier 1 land or 10xs that of the organic tier 2.

Now these numbers were taken from a small sample but done on fresh accounts and cross referenced with Korean data, to make them as accurate as possible.

So, a few key takeaways from this should be.

Tier 1 land will have higher conversion rates than that of tier 2.
Promised essence will be even higher still.

Those holding majority tier 2 land with little or no promised essence, should naturally expect much lower conversion rates than those holding majority tier 1 land and larger promised essence pools.

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