Earth 2 Avatar Partnership Announced with Ready Player Me

So Earth 2 have partnered with Ready Player Me to bring you avatars.

They say “Ready Player Me means Players will be able to explore E2V1, the first version of Earth 2’s upcoming 1:1 digital replication of planet Earth, as customisable avatars much earlier than expected”

Looking at the character maker you can either take a selfie or upload a photo and it will automatically create an avatar which looks like you. I thought that was pretty cool or if you want to skip that part you can go in and just make whatever you want. I must say the customisation doesn’t seem super in depth yet and it does only seem to be humanoids if you were wanting something a little more exotic to run around with in E2. But ready player me is still developing too. So we could certainly see some extra options being added.

But let’s take a look at ready player me website and who else they have partnered with.

So one of the first thing we see is “Cross-game Avatar Platform for the Metaverse”
You guys might have heard the word interoperability being used a lot more recently. Basically what this means is being able to use assets, avatars, collectables and other digital collectables across multiple platforms. Being able to jump from say Earth 2 into an external shooter game, a chat room and much more using the same digital goods or avatar in all.

So let’s take a look at who else ready player me are working with. We have VR chat, The Nemesis, Somnim Space, I’ve also heard Veve are using them for their veveverse and endless others projects here too.

I should probably also point out that Ready player me are also partners with Nvidia as shown

What do you guys think? Do you like this avatar style? Does it fit with Earth 2? Let me know in the comments below.

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