New Red Energy Skill ‘Abort’ (Brings back Cydroids)

So there’s a new civilian skill where we can recall our cydroids.

However, you do need to have 3 of the same faction type on the plot, be that 3 space force, 3 rebels or 3 Egyptians for it to become unlocked. In addition to that the raid commander does also need to be level 3 or above. I can see this stimulating the civilian marketplace.

Now if you don’t have 3 of the same faction and you want to unlock this skill you’re potentially going to need to try selling the ones that don’t match and trying to replace them for ones that do, either from the marketplace or attempting a second spawn and hoping for the best if you prefer a free version.

Once it’s unlocked you can then buy packs of 10 aborts used to recall your cydroids. It should be noted that these balances remain with the raid commander for use with him specifically rather than being stored in a global balance.

We can also note that the cost of the abort pack does also reduce depending on faction type with space force being the most expensive, rebels in the middle and Egyptians the cheapest. In addition to that they become cheaper across all depending on the raid commander’s level too.

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