Happy 3rd Birthday Earth 2

So it’s been 3 years since Earth 2 first launched. It’s genuinely almost hard to believe, it’s gone so fast. Happy Birthday Earth 2.
Now I can’t lie, I was hoping we would have some amazing new feature, a whitepaper or maybe even the pre alpha of E2V1 to celebrate for it and although we don’t I really do feel like we’re on the verge of those releases. Releases I suspect will either make or break E2. Either way, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Now rather than just getting caught up in what’s still to come, let’s take a look at what’s happened since the last birthday.

So far we’ve seen:

Proof of concept, and a working full scale replica of Earth in the E2V1 video.

We’ve seen how other games, apps and verses will link into the platform.

We’ve even seen an influx of new talent added to the Earth 2 team.

We’ve seen Cydroids and Raiding and the creation of Shanes game loop allowing us to raid E-ther from inactive accounts. Giving benefits to those of us remaining active.

We’ve seen jewel slotting of cydroids allowing us to boost their performance. We’ve seen the release of civilians which allows us to automate those raiding processes.

We’ve seen the cydroid and civilian marketplaces allowing players to flip and exchange assets but what will be more important later, allowing new players a quicker and easier way to get started.

We’ve seen community ran and organised events, truly showing the passion players have, still pushing even in these silent times. Now after seeing players so passionate about the project I think it’s a good time to remind us all to hold onto the friendships and connections we’ve made during this building phase, it’s these players and communities who’ve proven they have what it takes to keep building no matter what’s around the corner. Now I’m not even just talking about the whales, guilds or content creators but also players collecting their daily E-ther and sending out raids. That’s some dedication.

Player, thank you for playing

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