Earth 2 – What did we learn from the Egg Hunt Video?

Happy easter everyone! I’m Pacey and today we’re going to look at the easter egg video!

The main thing I noticed was the scale of the vehicle in comparison to the single tile. You would probably only comfortably fit 4, maybe 6 of those jeeps onto the single square. Where as if you watched my size comparison video the single tile is would fit in 8 standard size parking bays. Are objects in earth 2 going to be larger than earth 1?
Then going on to the tile sizes buildings appeared in. I didn’t see any buildings in plots smaller than 4 tiles. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Was this simply because they haven’t developed smaller buildings yet or is this going to be part of the tech tree. A certain number of spaces required to be able to build.

A message in the video:

“This is only a tease of the E2 engine capabilities, in the future the buildings will be much, much more detailed and will contain full interiors. We also support customisable and player designed buildings, which means many buildings will look and feel very different (on a massive scale)

The cities will be completed with streets, player placed objects and much more.”

Maybe they will allow smaller player designed buildings. Streets! Now… seeing as there’s no spaces left between plots will these have to be part of our own tiles? Maybe the tile count in the plot will determine the scale of the roads and walkways. Player placed, what do you guys think of those? Vehicles? Items in the single tile plots?

In the video buildings only appear in clear spots. This could simply be that it’s easier to animate, rather than having trees vanish as a building appears or it could be that you can only build in certain spots or maybe even have to prepare or clear the ground first.

“We stress that this is only the beginning, a teaster if you will! We are breaking open much advancements than what you see here”

“In this video we celebrate earth 2 and inception with a teaser of what tile display might look like”

“Real time high speed travel will be possible with massive draw distances, meaning buildings and objects will render at massive ranges giving a true realistic feel in a massive open environment” to me this implies the above flight view could be first person. The sheer scale of the landscape and number of buildings prom this perspective will really make it hard for smaller plots to stand out against the vast expanse of city.

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