Earth 2: The Biggest Resource Database in the history of the world?

Is Earth 2 creating the biggest resources database in the history of the world?

You guys voted saying you wanted more videos on Earth 2 speculation, so here we go!

Now we already know from the draft paper that Earth 2 has over 200 million datapoints measuring over 600 giga-bites of existing resource location data and “A significant amount of time was spent to ensure that the placement of key Resources was as realistic as possible”

They even go on to specifically state “But for us, this was still not accurate enough” and saying it’s why they’re bringing in resource validation and submissions.

Now I know they say they’re trying to keep a promise of resources being in the correct locations. But this promise could have been accomplished with existing information available to the public in much the same way Earth2biomes added the blue dot resources information to their website and honestly I don’t think many people would have had an issue with that. It would have also certainly been far less time consuming and costly. As Earth 2 are literally going to need a team to manually review every submission, double check data in submissions and then approve. 

To me it seems like there’s a lot more going on to justify this year delay and I know, I know you’re thinking it’s because they want resources to be tokens on the blockchain, like essence, but that hasn’t stopped them releasing essence on platform before the exchanges. So I can’t see it stopping them releasing resources for this long then going on chain post release too. 

So, what I think has been going on is they’ve been collecting every free and paid bit of resource data possible, preparing partnerships for the uses of said data, finding more use cases, building commercial environments for it to be used and displayed and preparing the systems for us to submit the missing ones too. Now we need to remember us voting on resources being in a location doesn’t make the resources appear there. Instead it simply has the E2 team check the information that the users have submitted about missing resources in those locations faster. Meaning we’re literally doing tons of research for this resource database and giving it to them in exchange for essence rewards. To me that’s pretty cool and win win for us and them. But also to me, far far too elaborate a system for it to be just about keeping a promise. 

Now I can’t imagine them saying to clients who want this resource information to just go check the ecosim. I do think they will have commercial resources gateway as a seperate part of the E2 platform that they can use for their clients specific needs, whatever that may be from Identifying resource trends, following the flow of gold in certain locations, measuring global resource distributions and much much more but also in turn that data then being used to feed us resource too and potentially continue adding to the data

What do you guys think?

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