Crypto Payments come to Earth 2

So, Crypto Payments are coming to Earth 2.

On the Earth 2 test site users have found a third party solution implemented giving users an additional option of buying new land with crypto, the option when clicked opens a popup from a company called Rocketfuel

On their popup they state:

Rocketfuel provides a 1-click payment solution that allows you to make payments with 120+ cryptocurrencies or your bank account.

You will be able to track your payments in real-time, request refunds, connect with exchanges and bank accounts.

Rocketfuel is a publicly traded company (RKFL), is SEC compliant, and is trusted by merchants and partners all over the world.

So as many of you guys know, crypto really isn’t my forte, so I’m going to hand this one back to you. Let me know in the comments below what this means for Earth 2. Will it bring a whole new wave of users, looking to spend crypto they hold? Does this mean we might also see withdrawals in the form of crypto? Is it the start of us moving to decentralisation? Or do you know anything about the company rocketfuel, any thoughts or opinions at all on this, I’m super intrigued. So do drop those below.

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