An Interview with Luke Reed of Tech Circus on The Metaverse, Earth 2 and the World of Web 3

Luke is the founder of Tech Circus “an independent company producing educational events for communities of digital design, product, UX, Web 3, The Metaverse more.” Luke has also been the only person to 1 on 1 interview Shane the founder of Earth 2. In this we cover everything from the Metaverse as a whole to the Web 3 communities perception of Earth 2 to the future of metaverse tech, EPL’s, digital concerts, online exercise and so much more.

Questions asked during the interview:

1: So what’s your own background, where did Tech Circus come from, what did you do before it?

2: How did you first get into the metaverse, was it Earth 2 or have you been interacting with this world before that?

3:What was it like interviewing Shane? I remember at the time you said the interview was cut down a lot. We’re there any other gems or good bits of information left out?

4: Does tech circus have any future plans for interviews or collabs with Earth 2 or Shane?

5: What would you say the biggest challenge Earth 2 is facing now or will face in the future?

6: Which are your favourite web3 and metaverse projects so far?

7: If you could give just one bit of advice to new players just starting in Earth 2, what would it be?

8: Do you want to walk us through your portfolio? How many tiles you have, how much essence are you sitting on and so on?

9: Do you see yourself still being an Earth 2 player in the future? What’s your long term goals for E2?

Community Questions:


How is Earth2 perceived by the Web3 community? 

Earth 2 Explorer:

Have you heard any talk in the industry to bring holograms to market or has that tech had it’s day and gone?


Q1. What do you think Earth 2 will look like five years from now? Do you think you’re going to swallow everything like today’s Google?

Q2. What do you want to learn from Shane?


What has been your overall plan with jewels, holobuildings and T2 tiles over the past 12 or so months?

Dr Vince Dime 

Compared to other web3 projects, how many people is working on E2 in your opinion? And do you think the development of the project is Fast, Slow or average?

I’ve watched your interview made by last year and I was wondering if your ideas about Shane and E2 have changed since then 🙂


We know video/digital games have a life cycle – How does Metaverses and E2 differs from the normal pattern game companies struggle with? 

We are in a transition for websites to become 3D and more interactive – Do you think the Metaverse is the gateway and adoption t0hat will change Website Development from now on? 

What are your thoughts about virtual real estate and how can it be widely adopted by investors, traders and everyday people.

Do you see new types of jobs appearing soon with Metaverses? Companies being made just for the purpose of functioning inside Metaverses like SEO, event planner, 3D devs, etc. What are your thoughts of the market demand and what is needed or missing? 

Which CEO of the tech industry do you think Shane is more alike? It can be one or more.

How would you approach companies to convince them to consider Metaverses or E2 platform for their marketing presence?

E2 is split between real location gameplay (AR, E1 ads) and virtual gameplay (VR, MegaCities) – which do you think will be the most interesting for players ? 


Who’s beard was first, yours or Shane’s 


Do you plan on utilising Earth 2 to host your virtual events when available and how do you see this working? 

Would you agree that Shane is waiting to implement ETH 2 as Earth 2 is directly tied to the staking capabilities of the new features Ethereum is planning with PoS?


Do you think e2 will be considered a household name, and be used to advertise even the smallest businesses? I have it in my head that we’ll see localised epls like /window washing norwood or /laundrette croydon.

I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about metaverses being a trillion dollar economy. Where do you think e2 will fit in? Can you see it being the dominant metaverse?

Tipsy Sound:

What is the feedback or atmosphere from the web3 & metaverse industry about Earth2 (as you meet lots of web3 leaders) ? 


Do you think Earth 2 might one day partner up with other big tech companies like Apple or Snap in the future, to integrate their technology? 

How likely is it that Earth 2 will integrate wearable tech like watches and glasses? and if so, what use cases would there be, and how many years away are we?

Kelvan Gwee:

1. How concerned do you think Shane will be about the price of essence? (within a 3-6 months span)

2. What do you think will be the impact of a high/low price of essence to Earth2 and Shane’s plans? 

The Lords Warrior: 

Any guesses on Essence price during launch? And where do you see it in the near future?

You’re part of a large tech community and power houses running major web3 and metaverse projects. How does earth2 stand out from all of them ? I would love to hear something on this.

Mr Green:

Where do you see Earth2 in 5 years? 

Do you think the Essence Token will be released this year?

Where do you see the Metaverse industry in 10 years and do you think the technology to run a VR world like E2 wants to do, will be available in the next 10 years. 

What do you think the fashion industry’s role will be in virtual worlds?

Knowing how everything has gone for the last couple of years with E2, if you found out about E2 today and knew all that, would you still invest in it early or wait to see what the more completed game looks like, before joining?

E2 Economist: How do you see Earth2’s place in the metaverse space? The one to rule them all or just another Metaverse..

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