How to Raid in Earth 2

Right, here’s a quick guide to get you guys out raiding and bringing home that E-ther.

I will say you do need cydroids to begin. If you don’t have them, I do have a tutorial on creating those.

So let’s begin.

First of all you want to come over to the buy land screen and then click the raid button.

This will open up a list of your properties which have cydroids and you can raid with. You can search for a particular property here and we do also have a fair few sorting options from property size to ready to dispense and so on. These will be useful once you start raiding.

So, once you’ve found a property you want to raid from, click this little green arrow to open up the raid card for that property. Now you want to click the raid button here too. In here we see the cydroids which are tethered to this properties Mentar.
Now we can click up and down or type in to select how many cydroids you want to use. You can either send them all on a raid or divide them between a few different raids. The choice is yours.
So let’s go with 2 for this one.

Scroll down a little and we see a selection of properties we can raid. Now when it comes to picking which one to raid, unless you follow Earth 2 closely enough to know names it’s pretty much just trial and error, testing some and seeing if there’s a reward or not.

But, to start the raid we simply click the circle icon to the left of the property here then scroll down a little more and you should see a little raid button. Clicking that will send your cydroids off and their raiding adventure.

If you want to check what’s happening you can scroll up a little and see them travelling, the next step is scanning and then returning home.

Now this can be pretty fast. Anything from around 30 seconds up to hours, depending on how much charge your cydroids have, how far away the raid target is and if your cydroids stumble upon e-ther straight away. If they don’t, they might stick around in the hopes some does turn up therefore taking longer and using up more charge.

However, you will eventually end up with a notification letting you know if the raid was a success or failure. If it was a success you will also be told how much E-ther you scored.

Now the next step, if you want to make your life easier for the next time you raid is checking the name of the person you had a successful raid against and adding them to your favourites list. So click the raid button again on the same property and scroll down to the property selection,then click on recent and find the name of the person you had a successful raid against, if you’ve forgotten that name, just double check it from the notification. You should notice a little heart icon towards the middle. Clicking this will add this property to your favourites list which can be accessed above, to the left of the recent button.

Creating these lists will allow us to refine our targets and know who we’re likely to get E-ther from in the future.

Right, next up we have cydroid maintenance.

You might have noticed the little battery icons sitting next to each cydroid. Battery charge is used up during raids and even when they’re just sitting idle. If we see empty batteries or if you don’t think you will have enough battery for your next raid, then it’s time for a charge.

Now the only place to access charging for now is in the stats. To get back here we can use the shortcut of clicking out of one of these buttons. Doing so will show you the options to charge and dispense all. Clicking charge will do exactly that, it will start charging your cydroids batteries and they will be out of action whilst they charge. I will note, charging doesn’t cost anything. There’s no additional E-ther or Essence used during this process.

Now, the dispense all button that was sitting next to the charge button. This is used when your cydroids have had successful raids. It takes the E-ther from your cydroids inventory and deposits it within your E-ther balance above. You can check in the stats how long this takes too.

It is important to dispense e-ther regularly as you can only carry a maximum of 3 E-ther per cydroid and your little guys will be out of action whilst full.

So that’s everything you need to know to get started and bring home that bacon.

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