How to Easily Setup Auto Raid Targets

Now this is for you guys who already have civilians, if you don’t I do have another tutorial on that, which I would recommend watching first.
Civlain Setup Video

Right so I’ve seen tons of people getting confused over this. Hopefully this will help.

I’m going to start by saying just ignore the whole raid management section. At least for now anyway. Use it later once you have the basics down. It’s just over complicated and confusing.

So, let’s get some set. You want to come over to your raid menu then open up a property you have civilians on. Now click the raid button and scroll down until you see the target properties. Above this you will see a little “edit” button. Here is where we set the icons we want our raid commander to target. Now these are all empty by default. Meaning your raid commander isn’t going to target anything without you setting these.

I would suggest just sticking all the icons in for now and you can later refine them if you want to. It also doesn’t matter which icons you’ve been using to favourite properties either. As long as you set that icon as a raid target it can be targeted.

Right, next you want to come into the recent tab and make sure you’ve actually raided some of your favourites list. If you do have properties in here with favourite icons attached you’re good to go. However if you don’t, that’s the issue. You can’t auto raid properties which you haven’t manually raided at least once yourself. I will repeat that. You have to manually send a raid to that specific property for your raid commander to be able to target it.So make sure you spend some time doing that for each property if you haven’t already.

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