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Earth 2: High Traffic Areas on a Budget!

Budget High Traffic Areas

High Traffic locations on a budget. A lot of us are probably thinking about high traffic areas after TheRealJoker started throwing large sums of money at some of the world’s best known landmarks, like Stonehenge, the Sydney opera house and the leaning tower of pizza. Earth 2 meta did a  …

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Earth 2: Will we all get custom EPLs?

Will we all get custom EPL's thumbnail.

Today we’re going to look at EPL or earth2 property location. For those of you who don’t know here’s a quote from Shane. The “essence once available will be used to upgrade your standard teleporter” along with the next paragraph “larger properties will get the ability to upgrade their teleporters …

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Earth 2 – What did we learn from the Egg Hunt Video?

Beyond the egg

Happy easter everyone! I’m Pacey and today we’re going to look at the easter egg video! The main thing I noticed was the scale of the vehicle in comparison to the single tile. You would probably only comfortably fit 4, maybe 6 of those jeeps onto the single square. Where …

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