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Tier 3 Land and New Territories Explained

New Territories featured image

So we’ve seen a fairly big update with the introduction of T3 land, new territories and E-ther boosts. First off let’s look at what new territories are. If you think of how the borders of countries operate inside of Earth 2 now, each one has its own land value and …

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New Red Energy Skill ‘Abort’ (Brings back Cydroids)

Red energy skill, abort featured image

So there’s a new civilian skill where we can recall our cydroids. However, you do need to have 3 of the same faction type on the plot, be that 3 space force, 3 rebels or 3 Egyptians for it to become unlocked. In addition to that the raid commander does …

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Happy 3rd Birthday Earth 2

Happy 3rd Birthday Earth 2 Featured image

So it’s been 3 years since Earth 2 first launched. It’s genuinely almost hard to believe, it’s gone so fast. Happy Birthday Earth 2. Now I can’t lie, I was hoping we would have some amazing new feature, a whitepaper or maybe even the pre alpha of E2V1 to celebrate …

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