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Earth 2’s 2nd Anniversary Month Announcement

Well the official Earth 2 birthday announcement is here and it’s a long one! To save you the trouble of reading through I’ve done a recorded/voiced version. In this we cover everything you should expect over the anniversary month from raiding to improvements to the holobuilding market, the 100m tile …

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Happy 2nd Birthday Earth 2!

So, I’ve been racking my brain and trying to think of ways to top last year’s birthday video, and then it came to me, you know what, I don’t actually need to, as the message in it is still very much valid. Earth 2 has become much more than just …

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Interactive Marketplace Map! Earth 2 Tool (Third Party)

So… I’ve just found out a tool exists that I’ve been craving since I pretty much discovered Earth 2. An interactive map showing properties for sale. It’s from Geeguin of g-guin, however you pronounce that, anyway it’s from some epic Korean users. You want to make sure you click the …

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