An interview with Earth2Explorer4Life a Full Time Earth 2 Player

Here we interview Earth2Explorer4Life a full time Earth 2 player. We discuss topics from advice for new players to Earth 2 vs Meta, DAO’s, the future of Earth 2, augmented reality and so much more.

Questions asked:

1: So you’re a full time Earth 2 player. How did that come about and what gave you confidence in Earth 2 to go full time?

2: Can you walk us through an average day of yours in Earth 2. Do you have set things you do or a daily routine? How do you spend your working hours.

3: I know you’ve been putting a fair chunk of your balance into jewels, do you want to take us over that and your thoughts and feelings towards the future of jewels in E2?

4: I’ve seen that you’re big into Drone. Is that the player type you think will fit you best fit your skills or will you dabble in all areas too?

5: If you could give just one bit of advice to new players just starting in Earth 2, what would it be?

6: Where do you see Earth 2 and yourself in 2 years time?

7: Are you involved with any other web3 projects or is it 100% Earth 2?

8: What’s your opinion on holobuildings? Do you have them on all properties?

9: What’s your end goal or your overall aim with your Earth 2 portfolio?

Community Questions:

When the drone game starts within Earth 2, what rank do you expect?

Hackmeister Games:

1: How are you able to make that much money from Earth2?

2: As earth2 is based on being a metaverse that will be using block chain tech vs we have a crypto network we are building the metaverse on, I feel that the recent drops in the crypto market has not had that big of an effect on the Earth2 market. What are your thoughts?

Peck Holdings:
How much have you cashed out to date, and have you ever bowled a Turkey?

What’s your favourite place in Earth1 to explore and favourite place in Earth2 to explore?

Are you related, by any chance to Dora? And what have you discovered so far, during your exploration period (in E2), that you strongly feel, might be of use or benefit to someone new to E2?

If you could push any future E2 update out tomorrow, which one would it be?

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