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6 Tips to Prepare for Raiding in Earth 2

1:Cydroid rarity. I can’t lie, I really want some legendary cydroids! So Earth 2 state: “Each type of Cydroid will be grouped into its own distinct level of rarity, ranging between Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.” We don’t know what the chances to grab each rarity will be yet …

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Shoonfest 2023

Welcome to the second annual Shoonfest! A celebration of the amazing talent within the Earth 2 community and marking the first ever use of the word Shoon. We’re starting with a simple talent show with the aim of growing this into an annual event inside of Earth 2 and hosted …

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Earth 2 Avatar Partnership Announced with Ready Player Me

So Earth 2 have partnered with Ready Player Me to bring you avatars. They say “Ready Player Me means Players will be able to explore E2V1, the first version of Earth 2’s upcoming 1:1 digital replication of planet Earth, as customisable avatars much earlier than expected” Looking at the character …

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