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How to Buy and Sell Cydroids in Earth 2

So the Earth 2 Cydroid Market is officially live and I’m going to walk you through the process of buying and selling cydroids on the Earth 2 marketplace. Firstly to get to the cydroid section of the bazaar you need to click into the marketplace in the main menu, once …

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Cydroid Jewel Slotting

So, cydroid jewel slotting has gone live. I’m going to give you guys a quick tutorial on how we go about slotting cydroids. The benefits of doing so and my personal plan. First of all to get to cydroid slotting you want to come into raid management from the main …

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An Earth 2 Jewel Quest

So we’re getting what Earth 2 have dubbed as an optional campaign for Pre E2V1 Wood, Water and Sand Occurrence Units. In short you can get backdated wood, water and sand resources on your plots by slotting the Green, Blue and Sandy jewels. However you do also need a holobuilding …

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