An interview with Mysor the No 1 Ranked Earth 2 Player

Here we have an interview with the no 1 ranked Earth 2 player Mysor, who started with only $200. We cover his rise to the number 1 title, his portfolio gains and his current project Metamaxis, along with questions from the Earth 2 community.

1: How did you discover Earth 2?

2: What impact, if any, has your success with Earth 2 had on your life?

3: Can you tell us a little bit about your megacity Cryptopolis, the goals, aims and how it came about?

4: If you could give just one bit of advice to new players just starting in Earth 2, what would it be?

5: I’ve noticed you’re working on something new, some sort of metaverse analytics. Can you tell us a little more about that?

6: Going forward, where do you see yourself with Earth 2? Is it purely an investment or will you be playing too?


When will Cryptopolis and Mysor start their own guild?

Earth 2 Viking:

Have you ever looked back at one of your sold properties and though “F$&K I shouldn’t have sold that”?

JT Makes Money: 

1) What was your original goal/plan when investing in E2, and was flipping properties part of it? 

2) What do you view as the biggest strength and biggest weakness of E2 currently? 

3) What type of player will he be in E2? Does EcoSim seem exciting or too complex? 

Peck Holdings:

Where do you stand with cash in/out of the game; are you on a free roll?


What external tools do you use to analyze the marketplace and find good deals?


Asked about price prediction for essence and your best vs worst flipp


Do you have any best/worst types of buyers/sellers as a trader perspectives? 


What usecases there are for pineapple in pizzeria?


Will he sell his pizzas for Essence in his restaurant?


What has given you the confidence in E2 to feel comfortable with devoting the considerable resources needed to create Metamaxis?


You flips pizzas and properties but what is the biggest thing you thinks you could flip with your bare hands.

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