Can you Solve the Unsolved Riddle and Claim the Prize? – An Earth 2 Mystery

Calling all riddle hunters, problem solvers and adventure seekers. We have a riddle that’s been unsolved for a year now with a prize that’s been described as “quite significant”

Shane Isaac the Earth 2 founder has already given away 10’s of 1000’s of dollars in the past, with the Earth 2 egg hunts. But this, as far as we know, is the only unclaimed prize.

So what exactly is the riddle? On April 25th 2021 Shane tweeted:

“Lest We Forget.. thank you for your service and sacrifice that we may be free and in turn bring freedom to others.

Art or treasure with y’a prize of old’ the first will claim the plates of gold.


Now if the entirety of that message is the riddle or just the last line is down to you guys but it was posted April 25th, which is “Anzac Day” a national day of remembrance in Australia where Shane is based, so the top half could easily just be in relation to the holiday. 

However, from people asking about clues we do know it is 100% confirmed as a riddle with a prize with Shane stating “the person who solves it will know what to do” and previously mentioning the “quite significant” prize.

The first place most people jumped to were the Joseph Smith Mormon plates of gold, with many users searching the Earth 2 map locations the plates were said to have been found. As far as I know, nothing was found. My own guess was that it was something to do with a bank partnership and the physical Earth 2 credit cards that are launching soon. I’ve also seen players trying to work out credit card numbers from bank cards Shane has posted in the past, I’ve seen people trying to break the riddle down into morse code and all sorts of things, but the riddle remains unsolved.

Can we use the power of youtube to finally solve it? Do you guys have any other thoughts or ideas on the riddle? Let me know in the comments below.

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