Essence Fractions Explained (Earth 2’s Future Crypto)

So essence fractions have just gone live on the earth 2 website.
If you’re not sure what this means it’s basically allowing players to start collecting less than 1 essence. If you think of essence as dollars the equivalent of fractions would be cents. Although that’s not me assigning a value to essence, I’m simply using them as something people understand.

So why is this important? Basically it’s going to allow smaller players with less land and smaller plots to start collecting essence. Rather than if the land didn’t generate a whole essence and them getting nothing they will now get a fraction instead. I think this is also going to be important as essence becomes harder to get, fractions will be more important for a lot of us.

Now I’m also going to go over part of an article Earth 2 published a few days back which has a little extra information in regards to the fractions launch:


“Essence Fractions

Our plan is to deploy an update launching Essence Fractions on our website by the 31st of May, along with some key changes to the way E-ther is collected and transformed into Essence, and how that looks on the site. “

Now as I say this was posted a few days back and this update has gone live since.

“This update will not yet make Essence more difficult to harvest, but it is an important step toward the upcoming contract system geared at allowing Land Owners to form agreements with EcoSim Players to manage individual properties. This ability to contract is a key requirement we would like to have in place before Essence becomes more difficult to harvest.

The progressive bar for Essence Fractions is also helpful for smaller property owners who will now be able to monitor and measure their E-ther transformations into Essence.

We would like to remind Players who have been collecting large amounts of E-ther before transforming that any stored E-ther on a Player account before we deploy Essence Fractions will be automatically transformed into Essence. Here are some key changes you can expect with the upcoming Essence Fraction deployment:

Claiming E-ther
The “Claim E-ther” function will no longer be found on the Player profile page. Instead, the Essence icon will glow when E-ther which has evaporated from your property has been detected and is ready to claim. By clicking on the Essence icon, Players can claim and transform their E-ther into Essence.

Tracking Essence
There is a new feature which has been added to keep track of your E-ther transformation into Essence called the Progress Bar. The progress bar will help Players keep track of their Essence Fractions by showing the percentage of a full unit of Essence they have so far collected.

When Essence Fractions go live, there will be some changes to how often E-ther spawns and the way it converts to Essence.”

Now I hope that helps explain it a little further. There’s also a poll from Shane on twitter where we users can vote for what these fractions will be called. There’s actually going to be a few polls with the winners of each going up against each other. So go get your votes in now. I’m waiting to see if “Shoon” will be an option.

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