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Resources Go Live! + Essence Fractions

So the first stage of resources going live in Earth 2 has dropped today. We’ve seen the resources heatmap for gold and oil added to the earth 2 map. Although like many new features it hasn’t come without controversy. Players saying there’s resources in locations they shouldn’t be. I’m personally …

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Shoon City – The Peoples Earth 2 Megacity

So what exactly is the idea behind Shoon City? Firstly it’s a community, a group of Earth 2 players banding together in 1 location with the ambition of building something that’s useful for all of us. A place we can be proud of and develop as the Earth 2 platform …

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Earth 2 Essence Conversion Explained

So I’ve been seeing a lot of people comparing conversion rates of essence recently and being concerned over what they think are low rates compared to others. I’m just going to look that over and give a few reasons as to why your conversion rates could be lower or higher …

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Earth 2 Mentars Explained

So, first of all Mentars are the first Ecosim building. They detect E-ther that evaporates from the land and convert it into Essence. Essence being the crypto currency of Earth 2. In the future mentars will also be responsible for detecting and processing resources on your land too. Without these …

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Breaking: RGA Singapore Partners with Earth 2

Earth 2 and RG/A Singapore have partnered. RG/A are going to focus on brining a more user friendly and human side to the Earth 2 platform. Original article: https://campaignbriefasia.com/2022/04/29/r-ga-singapore-announces-strategic- RGA website: https://www.rga.com/about

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Earth 2 Draft Paper: Part 10 Roadmap


Now this is part 10 of the Earth 2 draft paper, roadmap. Part 1 covered the introduction and stats, part 2 covered the Earth 2 player, part 3 covered economics, part 4 the economic components, part 5, The Ecosim, Part 6 Player Technology and parts 7, 8 and 9, Tokenomics, …

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