Megacity Alliance

The Megacity Alliance is a group of likeminded megacities/megacity founders Shoon City have ties to and plan to work with going forward. We aim create a better Earth 2 world for all by working together in trades and Ecosim development. Depending on what options E2 allows.

Knights of Malta
Is the central point of the Mediterranean between Africa and Europe, focusing on gamification, AR, VR and resource production of limestone in the country if Malta covering the entire main island. Focusing on themes of medieval/futuristic developments.

Hinksy Island
Your Hub for Gaming, Quests and Technology, host of ‘The Hinksy Games’, ‘Meta-Ville’ and ‘Turtle Point’. A place for the higher minds. On Hinksy Island, we are looking to give back, to the community, Society, and possibly…. The Planet, As we build and grow over the coming years. Some of our initiatives are based around Technological Awareness, Education, and Nature Conservation.