Earth 2: Will we all get custom EPLs?

Today we’re going to look at EPL or earth2 property location. For those of you who don’t know here’s a quote from Shane.

The “essence once available will be used to upgrade your standard teleporter” along with the next paragraph “larger properties will get the ability to upgrade their teleporters and in turn register shorter names” has me worried. Is that shooter names than the property deed coordinates or just shooter names in general? I hope it’s the latter, it seems a little unfair for only those with large properties like 500 – 750 plots to be the only ones allowed a custom EPL. But the way it’s worded does sound like it’s only going to be the larger properties who can upgrade the teleporter and unlock those custom ones.

I hope I’m wrong and the rest of us can unlock that ability, just with longer names. A 750 plot is completely out of my league at the moment. My largest being a 65. I do regret not trying harder with the UAE but after sitting for 2 hours clicking probably 1000 times and only getting 1 small plot it was time to sleep.

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