How to Craft Jewels – All Tier 2 Recipes and Upgrades – Tutorial – Earth 2

So Jewel crafting lives on Earth 2. Here’s a little guide, showing how to upgrade all jewel tiers, how to unlock the 5 new jewels and how to improve the jewel quality.








These are all the defaults.

3x of any will create a Tier 2 Jewel.

Just click your pile of jewels and bring it over to the crafting table and click again to place. Then click up on the spread over until it’s spread over 3 slots. Don’t worry about how many jewels are placed. It will only use one at a time in recipes. But sure not to enable bulk shattering.

Now if you don’t have the receipt it will say “Trial” then show you the result. After the receipt is unlocked it will change to “craft”. You then need to click and move your new jewel to your inventory before you can do any more crafting.

This same process can be used for all colours of Jewels.

Now onto unlocking the new jewels. Purple, sunrise and sunset, orange and jamaica

Purple requires x1 tier 2 Ochre and 1x tier 2 blue. Same process for crafting again. Click the craft or trial button and then move to inventory.

Orange is 1xGrey and 1xSandy.

Sunrise is 1x blue, 1x Red and 1x Grey

Sunset is 1x Sand, 1x Purple and 1x Orange

Jamaica is 1x black, 1x Yellow and 1x Green

Now onto Jewel Upgrades.

By default crafted jewels are cracked.

We can upgrade these with shards. Simply place the jewel you want to upgrade into the crafting table and add shards.

8 Shards = Cloudy

25 Shards = Common

50 Shards = Clear

84 shards = Luminous

How to craft from shards.

You can see how many shards you have in the top right of the jewel inventory. Each new base colour jewel costs 24 shards. I tend to just put my total number of shards in then select the colour I want to create, tick the bulk crafting and then set the number I want to create. You then click the jewel to move it into your inventory. 

This will create tier 1 cracked jewels. A lower quality than the ones we collect each day. However these can still be upgraded to tier 2. We simply drag these to the crafting table, spread them over 3 slots. Then ensure you don’t have any shards still in use by changing the number.

We then want to hit craft. This will then create a tier 2 cracked small jewel. Which can then be slotted as is or used in further recipes.

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