How to start collecting Essence in Earth 2

How to get essence in Earth 2

So to start claiming essence you first need to own some tiles. Once you have some, head over to your profile page and you should see the option to begin construction of something called a ‘mentar’. If you’re not seeing this message you may need to verify your account from the settings page first.

Mentars are buildings that detect E-ther, E-ther being a gas that evaporates randomly from tiles all over the world.

Mentars can be constructed for free by logging in for 7 days over a 14 day period. You can go to your profile page you can check your progress. There is also an option to pay $5 and instantly construct a mentar. However this is $5 per property which I wouldn’t recommend as the free option gives you a mentar on every property you own. There’s no need to pay at all.

Once your mentars are built they will automatically start detecting E-ther and you should begin seeing a message popup on your profile page stating:

“Your Mentars detected however much E-Ther that has evaporated from your properties. If you claim it, they can transform E-Ther into Essence”

You then have up to 48 hours to click this and claim it, once the claim button has been pressed you should then see another button appear gibing you the option to transform. If the second button doesn’t show, simply refresh the page and it should appear. The E-ther will then be converted into Essence and added to your balance in the top right. If you don’t convert within the 48 hour time frame it will be lost and you will need to wait for more to be detected. You also don’t get 1 to 1 conversion of E-ther to Essence. Conversion rates do vary and tend to be different each day.

You can check your conversion rates by going to the transaction page and filtering by essence on the currency dropdown.

You’re also not guaranteed to have E-ther detected every day. If you only have a couple of small properties you might only get the notification every few days. This is normal though. So don’t panic.

These rates will also vary a lot depending on your tier of land. Earth 2 has stated tier 1 land is guaranteed essence detection and conversion. Where as tier 2 land will be “unpredictable” on both detection and conversion. I have another video on Tier 1 vs Tier 2 land if you’re unsure of the difference between those. 

E-ther detection on Tier 1 land can then also be boosted by slotting jewels. Fully slotting standard jewels will take the detection rate to 100%. However there are also currently 3 jewels with give you the added buff of +2 E-ther detection per slotted jewel.

I hope that’s helped and good luck on your journey.

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