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Earth 2 Draft Paper: Part 4 Economic Components

Earth 2 Draft Paper: Part 4 Economic Components thumbnail

Now this is a part 4, Economic Components of the Earth 2 draft paper, part 1 covered the introduction and statis, part 2 covered the Earth 2 player, and part 3 covered economics. Feel free to go check those out.  Draft paper Part 1: Earth 2 Draft Paper Part …

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Reflection Laser Alley District in Shoon City

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Reflections Megacity to Shoon City, with their own district. Reflections – Laser Alley. A district focused on laser tag. A multi-story arena with different themes ranging from Space to Haunted Mansion and even Cartoon. There will also be bowling and arcade games to …

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How to start collecting Essence in Earth 2

How to Claim Essence in Earth 2

How to get essence in Earth 2So to start claiming essence you first need to own some tiles. Once you have some, head over to your profile page and you should see the option to begin construction of something called a ‘mentar’. If you’re not seeing this message you may …

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