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Are Disney, HSBC bank and a VR Shooter coming to Earth 2?

Earth 2 Partnerships Image

Now before we get started this is 100% speculation, there’s been no confirmation or official word so don’t get too hyped. However, let’s think back to the end of last month when Shane and the E2 team posted an update including this image: Now claximus soon noticed what appeared to …

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EPL Traffic to Shoon City – Let’s Grow Together

Shoon City. Not only are we the host of the first ever E2 festival, Shoonfest but there’s also a ton of potentially high traffic EPL’s which lead directly to the city. From Zombies, to Karting, Escape rooms, floor is lava, tower defense, mini golf, backgammon, tic, tac, toe, library and …

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Shoon City – Earth 2 Megacity

An overview and introduction to Shoon City – The Playground of Earth 2. When you think of Earth 2. What comes to mind? Other than VR and tiles. For me it’s shoon. The playful combination of Shane and Soon. Shoon City takes that playfulness and molds it into city form. …

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